• Shipping from the UK to Gambia Ramadan Container

    Great news! We would like to inform you that we will be loading our 40 ft. container from the UK to the Gambia for RAMADAN. 

    Let us safely deliver Provisions to your Family back home for use during the period of the holy month. 












    Loading Date: THURSDAY, 15TH TO 26TH OF FEBRUARY
    Sailing Date: TUESDAY, 8TH OF MARCH
    Estimated Arrival: FRIDAY, 25TH OF MARCH


    Leave your shipment to us. We ensure that your goods are in the best hands for delivery. We offer fast, easy, and secure experience, end-to-end. What are you waiting for? Book with us now!
    GAMBIA OFFICE: +220 7448866
    UK +447436051722
    All the best, 
    LDS Team

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